Writing Process

Although finding information about Suzanne Collins writing process was somewhat of a struggle, I was able to find some interesting information about her.  Suzanne Collins sets aside a few hours every morning in order to spend time writing her stories.  According to Collins although she only sets aside about four or five hours in the morning that are dedicated to the writing process she is constantly developing and thinking about her characters throughout the day.  Collins says that she likes to placer her characters in the everyday situations that she is going through and thinks about how they would react.  By doing this she can better understand and develop her characters.

Additionally, Suzanne Collins believes that even if she has not written a single word during her four-hour writing period she has still had a successful day.  According to her, if she has not written anything she has spent the time working out important events to the plot or developing her characters.  Collins believes that the only way to be a successful writer is to have that time in the day that you can set aside to just dedicate and focus on your writing and use this time everyday.

Collins had this to say in an interview where she was asked if she had any advice to give to young writers what would it be:

“A lot of people tell writers to write about what they know. And that’s good advice, because it gives you a lot of things to draw on. But I always like to add that they should write about things that they love. And by that I mean things that fascinate or excite them personally.

The Hunger Games is full of things that intrigue me; you know, it’s dystopia, it’s got kids in it, it’s gladiators, it’s war, there are genetic mutations. The Underland Chronicles has fantasy, animals, sword fighting. And if you write about things that you feel passionately about, it is so much easier to write.”


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